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SQL Query Multiple Databases (Microsoft SQL Server)

DECLARE @Database VARCHAR(255) DECLARE @stmt nvarchar(1000) DECLARE @params NVARCHAR(500) DECLARE @resTable TABLE (dbName VARCHAR(255), resCountFound INT) DECLARE @resFound INT DECLARE DatabaseCursor CURSOR FOR SELECT name FROM master.sys.databases WHERE state_desc=’ONLINE’ and name NOT IN (‘master’,’model’,’msdb’,’tempdb’,’distribution’,’ReportServerTempDB’,’ReportServer$SQL2008R2′,’ReportServer$SQL2008R2TempDB’) ORDER BY 1 OPEN DatabaseCursor FETCH NEXT FROM DatabaseCursor INTO @Database WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 BEGIN SET @stmt=N’select @resFoundOUT=Count(*) from [‘+@Database+’].dbo.MyTable… Read More »

Basic Linux Commands Summary

This is just a simple list of some useful linux commands and tools, use the “man” command to get detailed manual for each command and its arguments. Currently i’m not working with linux every day and tends to forget these from time to time, so i started listing some commands here. User Management #add standard… Read More »

Introduction to mobile networks

The mobile network (2G(GSM)/UMTS/3G/LTE/4G) is a technology we use every day and we don’t really have to know how it works. However as an IT-developer it would be interesting to get an understanding of the underlying network and protocols. The standards have been public for a long time so it should not be impossible to get a theoretical knowledge. However… Read More »